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WARNING: 5 Important Reasons Why You Should Limit Your Kid’s Phone Usage

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Parents should restrict their children’s phone use and deny them complete access for the sake of their growth and well-being. Negative consequences, including shorter attention spans, disturbed sleep, and exposure to unsuitable content, can result from excessive phone use.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Additionally, it may impede social skills and physical activity, both of which are essential for normal development. Parents who establish boundaries can help their kids read more, play outside, and communicate in person with friends and relatives, among other more beneficial activities.

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By establishing these boundaries, parents can foster a healthy atmosphere in which their children can develop emotionally and physically. Therefore, since giving your child a phone can seriously harm them, we have outlined all the reasons why you should stop giving them one right now.

Vision Problems

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Did you know that excessive smartphone use emits damaging rays and that having a short distance between screens can cause vision problems, requiring thick glasses in early childhood?

Excessive Anger

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Children frequently display undesirable conduct, which can lead to undesirable behavior. Examples include impatience, poor manners, frustration, and decreased engagement.

Health Issues Like Obesity

Passive sitting has been linked to behavioral changes and obesity. Children should be adaptable, energetic, and socially active. Playing games, having conversations, and helping others keeps them from becoming obese and bored while encouraging social engagement and productivity.

Establishing boundaries can encourage reading, outdoor play, and personal communication.(Image Credit:Freepik)

Sleep Issues

Children and adults alike frequently suffer from insomnia, which can cause fatigue, irregular schedules, frustration, memory loss, and learning difficulties. To avoid such disturbances, it’s imperative to use mobile phones sparingly and only when necessary.

Weakens Your Relationship With Your Child

Relationships can suffer when children don’t listen to their parents because of the many capabilities of mobile phones, which can be distracting.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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