“What difficult time, stay one place” – Nigerians drag Biola Bayo as she extends love to Toyin Abraham - Reportgist

“What difficult time, stay one place” – Nigerians drag Biola Bayo as she extends love to Toyin Abraham

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Nigerians have continued to vilify Nollywood actress Abiola Adebayo for extending love to her colleague Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi, who is currently the target of Nigerians’ ire.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Biola Bayo shared a photo of Toyin Abraham on her Instagram page and spoke about how she had tried to contact her several times but to no avail.

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The mother of one prayed that God would stand by and strengthen Toyin Abraham in this difficult time and that her light would never go dim.

“OLUWATOYIN, I’ve tried calling you several times but couldn’t get through to you.

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At this difficult time, I pray that God will strengthen you, you will never fall nor fail, your light will never go dim. You will never die untimely in Jesus name.

You’re a star keep shining queen.

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It is well with you, your family and your loved ones in Jesus name. I celebrate your strength sis @toyin_abraham”

Biola Bayo’s post did not sit well with netizens, who dragged her for supporting Toyin Abraham and claimed that the latter was responsible for her predicament.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

dammyay0821 wrote, “Is she the only one that voted for him y. Can’t you all call the rest out it’s not making any sense”

firespotmedia wrote, “Aunty Biola stay one place o, are you on the side of the people or are you on the side of the oppressors? There will be consequences when you stand side by side with the oppressors, you people better be praying against groundbreaking revolution in Nigeria, I mean the type that Nigerians would have hijacked the army armored tanks and weapons, any celebrity supporting oppressors will be the first to face the heat.”

ade_theprefix wrote, “Lol. You better advise her to go release the boy she locked up. Una no dey advise each other. Yeye.”

rosettesbyrose wrote, “What difficult time? Aunty Biola, Abeg ooo”

yinkeysconcept wrote, “Difficulty kini”

loyaltyhush9 wrote, “Which difficult time ?? Omo una this actress sha. Olorun aba yin shey”>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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