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What Is 3-6-9 Month Rule For Relationships? Here’s How To Follow It While Dating Someone

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With a wide variety of dating apps and trends, people find it difficult to get into relationships as they think it will only lead to heartbreak, resentment and regrets. Being in love is a roller coaster ride that demands your consistent efforts to make it through. The beginning phase of relationships, often termed the ‘honeymoon phase’ is all about knowing one another, while the later phases test your compatibility and love for each other.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Getting to know each other can be a stressful task when you have limited options on your list. Get over ‘what are your likes and dislikes, your favourite food and place and get more involved and romantic with the 3-6-9 month rule in relationships. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Let’s dive into it to make your romantic life much easier!
What Is 3-6-9 Month Relationship Rule?

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If you are someone who has just stepped into a new relationship, then the 3-6-9 month rule is for you. It is basically about the ‘first three months’, which is the phase of getting to know each other, the next ‘three months’ to foster a deeper connection and the last ‘three months’ to finally have an idea whether your relationship has long-term potential or not.

Discovery Phase (First Three Months)

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In the initial phase of your relationship, you put all your efforts into knowing the other person. From their likes, dislikes and fears to insecurities and dreams, read them like a book. Explore one another’s interests, hobbies, values and beliefs to assess your compatibility.

Deepening Phase (Next Three Months)

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The next three months require you to build a deeper emotional connection with your partner. It helps to build a strong and healthy relationship. During this period, you will move beyond mere infatuation and find ways to strengthen your connection with them. From navigating through challenges to finding solutions to problems, you will pave your way to each other’s hearts.

Evaluation Phase (Last Three Months)

Known as the evaluation phase, the last three months will test your harmony and connection. The last three months of the 3-6-9 relationship rule involve you to know how compatible you are with each other. You need to have important and difficult conversations in order to understand your relationship better.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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