"Why Can’t gods Help You" Netizens React To Nigerian Witchdoctor Seeking Wife on Social Media, Boasts of Wealth - Reportgist

“Why Can’t gods Help You” Netizens React To Nigerian Witchdoctor Seeking Wife on Social Media, Boasts of Wealth

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A young Nigerian native doctor has taken to social media to find a wife, sparking a flurry of reactions. The 29-year-old herbalist, who remains anonymous, boasts about his wealth, claiming to own two houses and two cars.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

He expressed his desire for a 25-year-old beautiful woman to marry, making it clear that he has the financial means to support her.In a message sent to Brian, who runs a dating game, the native doctor laid out his unusual requirements.

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He stressed that his future wife must be faithful, warning that infidelity would have severe consequences. “If she cheats, she dies,” he bluntly stated, adding that if she remains loyal, she will enjoy a luxurious life with him.

He provided his phone number for potential candidates to reach out.The message reads: “Hi Brian. I am a 29 years old native doctor. I am doing well for myself have two houses and two cars.

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I want a beautiful 25 years old woman for marriage. My wife can never cheat or else she dies. If she doesn’t, she will enjoy because I have a lot of money to take care of her. My number is +2349059221015.”

This unconventional approach to finding a life partner has led to mixed reactions on social media. Some people mocked the native doctor for seeking help from ordinary people rather than relying on his spiritual powers.

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Others questioned why he would advertise on social media instead of finding a partner through traditional means or from among his clients.“Why can’t the gods help you? How do you leave the gods and seek something from an ordinary man?” commented Idadex Teekay Eka.

Martharina Nowen-Iguodala suggested, “Social media has now turned into an advertising site for looking for a wife. Marry one of those women who visit your shrine.”

Others were more critical of his insistence on absolute faithfulness under the threat of death. Toxik Verge said, “He’s suffering from an inferiority complex… mentioning what he has is so unnecessary.” Mhizta Justice warned, “After the marriage, you will discover that he married you for a purpose.”>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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