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Why women never forget their exes?

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On the morning show, Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i discussed how women never forget who they have been intimate with in the past.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Maina gave a story saying,

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”I met this lady, happily married and very successful, has children and even invested together. She told me that despite all that, she has never stopped seeing her college sweetheart and she has no intention of stopping.”

”She told me that there’s a stability that he brings to her,” Maina added.

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They engaged on a call with one of the listeners who gave a profound opinion on the subject matter saying, ”Intimacy is a strong bond in women than in men and breaking that bond is hard. even after years of being apart with the first man, when they meet again, its likely to go down.”

Maina then posed a question, ” Women never forget, she can even remember how you squeezed her hand. Ladies Is this true or false?”

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Many responded by saying;
Jennifer Kanyiri

May be it’s her first man, who is hard to be forgotten even if you didn’t get married to him, it happens. True, ladies have memories of the finest details of that moment,,1st man always being remembered is a reality, tusindanganyane hapa.
Soldier Wa Mundoro

A woman you should trust is only your mother and it’s because she gave birth to you.
Ann Njenga

Men never move on after a break up ,they will always nagg you even when you are both married ,it’s up to the woman to decide to continue playing hide n seek or not , period there is nothing called stability ,it’s decision making that matters
James Mwadeghu

I am sure if not all then majority of the children belong to the ‘college sweet heart’. Advice to my fellow married folks. Never do a paternity test.. lea watoto tu na uridhike na maisha yako.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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