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You Need To Learn About The Wealthy Leaf

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Individuals are turning to all kinds of unscrupulous tactics in an effort to make ends meet in this challenging economic environment. Many people have experimented with numerous techniques in the hopes of fending off bad energy and attracting good fortune, whether they are playing the lottery or hunting for work.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

There is a means to revive your luck and bring more money into your life, which is another hidden knowledge that you definitely aren’t aware of.

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Some people think that burning bay leaves, which emit a nice perfume, can bring good fortune to those who do so. Because of this, the method is still being used today in an effort to spread riches and prosperity. It was also thought to ward off evil spirits, which were thought to hinder human advancement and therefore be exterminated. It is also beneficial for those who frequently experience nightmares or have problems falling asleep. People then used to think that smoking bay leaves would make them rich and successful financially.

The following supplies are required for this simple ceremony:

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1. A dried bay leaf

2. A plate or a saucepan

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3. Marker or a pen

4 A cigarette lighter or a matchbox


Write “for money and prosperity” on the bay leaf using a marker, then burn it.



I deserve success to be showered to me.

Take care not to apply too much pressure when writing to avoid smudging or damaging the leaf.

You should put things on paper if you want to find love.

When you are through writing, burn the piece of paper with a lighter or matches. Holding the leaf by the stem, burn it until just the stem is left after the leaf has been totally consumed. All that should be left behind are the ashes.

You can either bury the ashes or let the wind carry them away. The ashes may also be disposed of in another way at your discretion.

The amount of bay leaf used will determine how much energy is released into the universe, and this ceremony can be conducted at any time.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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