BREAKING: “Obasanjo Said If We Produce Cement In Nigeria It Won’t Be Expensive But That Didn’t Happen – Adeyemi”

Prince Adebayo Adewole, one of the candidates in the most recent presidential election, was given an interview with The Nigerian Tribune in which he discussed the state of Nigeria’s economy under Bola Tinubu….CONTINUE READING

One thing we should be aware of, according to Prince Adebayo Adewole, is that economics has no sibling. Things are sold to citizens at the price set by capitalists if someone lives in a capitalist society.

Although we have been making cement for more than ten years, Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo, our former president, predicted long ago that it would not be expensive if it were made domestically in Nigeria.

Prince Adebayo Adewole continued, “When the federal government wants to give a country’s resources to their favorite causes, they will tell the populace that the money should be in the hands of wealthy private individuals so that people will get good prices along the way.”

Last but not least, the then-presidential candidate for the Social Democratic Party added, “As for the fuel, for us to manufacture it locally, we have a duty to refine locally and it must be a policy decision. Although it clearly provides employment, it does not automatically promise decreased prices….CONTINUE READING