BREAKING: Removal Of Subsidies: “What Peter Obi Would Have Done Differently?” Daddy Freeze’s Request

Daddy Freeze recently acknowledged the ongoing issue in the country as a result of the elimination of subsidies during a Facebook live broadcast….CONTINUE READING

Freeze thinks it strange that everyone is blaming Tinubu for the current suffering while ignoring the truth that the gasoline subsidy was actually eliminated by the previous administration before it was given to Tinubu.

Additionally, he said that the previous administration had allocated 70 billion for lawmaker budgets, without budgeting for subsidies, therefore Tinubu wasn’t to fault for this.

Speaking further, he asserted that the country’s first three months under either Peter Obi or Atiku as president will be nearly same since whatever they intend to achieve is a long-term strategy.

Hear him say: “There was a budget for the legislators, but there was no money for subsidies. Tinubu did not carry it out. Therefore, anyone blaming Tinubu for the current issue looks a little concerned. What would Peter Obi have done differently, I ask you? Because whatever they intend to achieve is a long-term strategy, I think that whether it is Atiku, Obi, or Tinubu, the first three months in government would be essentially same….CONTINUE READING