Ladies, never say I love you until you can answer these 5 questions

Perhaps the most misused word in the  English language is “love.” Many individuals use it without fully understanding the implications of what the word “depends on” means.

Before you firmly declare your love for someone, especially your sweetheart, you should first ask yourself a few important questions. You shouldn’t ever say “I love you” since you don’t really mean it if you can’t respond to these questions. Some of the questions you should ask yourself include the following:...CONTINUE READING
Is he really the one I should be concentrating on?

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Make sure he is the only person in your life before telling him you love him the next time. Using the word is better avoided if you examine your heart and discover that he is not the only person there.
Is sex the only topic discussed?

The science of the room is essential to the success of any relationship. However, if your love for someone is solely based on room science, you should never declare your affection for them.

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You should carefully consider questions like, ““What happens next if we get bored of sex?””

Could he possibly ever deal with me?

When you tell a man you love him, you usually raise his expectations at that point. It is best to not send the signal, especially when you know that he won’t give you any thought when it matters.
Do I have secret?

Before taking your feelings for someone seriously, you should find out if you have any mysteries. If a man is your vital mystery but you are unable to see him, you shouldn’t tell him that you love him at that time.
Do I value him because he’s great?

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If a person’s perfection is the primary factor in your love for them, I would strongly advise against telling them....CONTINUE READING

If you have other ideas that weren’t covered in the article, you may add to the list.