JUST IN: Why’s President Tinubu Appointing Only Yorubas To Sensitive Posts In His Government

esterday, the President appointed Zacheus Adedeji as the head of FIRS.

Today, another Yoruba man was announced as the head of the CBN, Dr. Olayemi Michael Cardoso and he is expected to replace Emiefele….CONTINUE READING

As it were today, the whole economy is firmly in the hands of Yorubas, and I guess they will be speaking Yoruba at the economic council meeting (lol).

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Jokes aside, this is not right.

For a country of over 200 ethnic groups, imposing your kinsmen, who will now determine our economic fate, is nepotism and clanishness and does not in any way offer a sense of belonging to the rest of us who don’t speak Yoruba.

Minister of Finance- Wale Edun.

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CBN Governor- Olayemi Cardoso

FIRS- Zach Adedeji.

Accountant General-Oluwatoyin Sakirat Madein

Head of Service- Folashade Yemi-Esan

Immigration- Adepoju Carol Wura-Ola

Customs- Bashir Adewale Adeniyi

Chief of Army Staff- General Taoreed Lagbaja. M

Minister of Marine and blue economy: Alhaji Oyetola.

The economy as it were today is the hands of the part of the country where the president comes from.

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My brothers and sisters from the west are eating good since it is their turn to eat….CONTINUE READING

Emi lokan oooo