Ladies Here Are 5 Medical Reasons Why Your Chest May Hurt Often

Chest or breast pain, called (mastalgia), can be described as any form of pain, ladies experience on either or both of their breasts. Over time, it has been discovered that many ladies go through this condition, and some may not know the reason. Well, in this article, we would be looking at some reasons why some ladies experience this, according to….CONTINUE READING

1. Changes in hormones during your menstruation

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One of the most common reasons for breast pain is hormonal changes caused by menstruation. Sore breasts can be caused by fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone levels before menstruation.

2. Maternity

Breast soreness is a typical side effect of pregnancy. Hormonal changes caused by pregnancy might damage the breasts. Breast discomfort is most frequent in the first trimester for many women, but it can happen at any time throughout pregnancy or nursing.

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3. Breastfeeding

It’s typical to experience engorged (full) breasts for the first 2–5 days after birth while your milk production increases. Breast engorgement can cause uncomfortable, aching breasts or even some kind of infection.

4. Side effects of certain drugs


As a side effect, some drugs might cause breast pain. It is advisable you A your medical condition with your doctor to know if this is the case for you.

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5. A Chest-related injury

Any form of injury to your breast might result in temporary soreness, oedema and pain. It can happen as a result of a physical activity-related blow to your breast or as a result of an accident. You could also be recovering after a medical procedure such as a breast biopsy or surgery….CONTINUE READING