EXCLUSIVE: Some people look at us today and think we got it easy, Not at all. Phyno laments how he was encouraged to join a cult in order for his career to “blow.”

Runtown was even held at gunpoint in Phyno’s narration of how he was encouraged to join a cult in order for his career to “blow.” Read Full Article…..

Chibuzo Nelson Azubuike, best known online as Phyno, is a Nigerian rapper, singer, and songwriter. His surprising remarks on the music business have gone viral online….CONTINUE READING HERE

The Enugu-born artist talked about his early career in the industry and how he was convinced to join a cult to further his career in a recent interview. He has never been a fan of simplicity, so when his friends recommended he join a cult or make any kind of sacrifice in exchange for recognition, he turned them down.

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He had self-confidence and believed in the value of perseverance, and it paid off.

The singer warned young musicians to avoid taking shortcuts to success.

Some people look at us today and think we got it easy, Not at all.

“I’ve never loved easy things. Before many people heard of Phyno, I’d had songs that no one knew existed.

A couple of friends told me to blow, I must join a cult or sacrifice something or someone, I told them the price was too much. I’ll never do such.

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I believed in myself and the power of hard work, I started little and today I thank God”.

Taking to comment section, many noted how the industry is filled with dark sides.

One Oghenerie noted how Runtown faced similar challenges, hence, why his career took a downhill. He wrote, “Runtown was even threatened at gunpoint. It’s really sad what the music industry is turning into.

One Mhiz Mabella wrote, “Not only music industry, all the entertainment industry, you got to hold something very tight. If na God hold am like say tomorrow no dey oo. Entertainment industry is very spiritual

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One Favour Oj wrote, “The music industry is darker than I thought

One Chi Maramma wrote, “Illuminati wey we dey hear that time no he rumor?

One Tenoverten Autos wrote, “The dirty side of the music industry, just like there’s a dirty side of every business. Ask u dey listen to people wey eventually make am, try listen to people wey no make am too oh. E get why….CONTINUE READING HERE