How To Arouse A Girl While Hugging

Hugging is a natural feeling that you got when you are dating or when you see someone you love. It may be your loved ones or your girlfriend or even a neutral friend. “How To Arouse A Girl While Hugging”

But when you hug your girlfriend and your intentions are to arouse her,  there are many ways in which you can achieve that. Carefully read this article as it tends to give you every tip on how to arouse a girl while hugging….CONTINUE READING HERE

  1. Be focused
  2. Add some little smile
  3. Get emotional
  4. Make use of some naughty words
  5. Make eye contact
  6. Draw her more closer to you
  7. Kiss with passion
  • Set the mood

Setting the mood involves making sure that she is ready for the hug so that you won’t be disappointed in her actions. You got to start with some little conversation that will bring both of you together. You have to consider the environment which you both will hug so that she won’t disappoint you In case if you are dealing with a shy girl. Since you are planning or trying to arouse her while hugging, the environment should be your number one priority especially when you notice some little shy in her. So setting the mood means you should consider every necessary thing that may lead to disappointment.

  • Be focused

When you both are hugging, you should always try to be focused. You should not have divided attention, you should also consider putting all your mind in every action so that you will be able to understand her body language. But when you are not focused, there’s no how you will be able to know when she’s struggling for freedom, So that it won’t be as if you are trying to use force on her.

  • Add some little smile

To arouse her, you should be able to add some little smile on your face so as to keep the mood steady. You should not be too serious while doing that. Smile a little and take it to step by step, do not rush. A smile can do so many wonders in the heart of your partner. So make use of it.

  • Get emotional

Getting emotional is one of the important steps to follow. You can only arouse a girl if you too are emotional. If you take it as just a neutral hug or friendly hug, it will as well go like that. But if you get little emotional towards the hug, you will see that to arouse her will be very easier for you. Feel the mood yourself, act as if you are seriously into it. Actions are very important in this case. You should but those feelings in action so that she will understand that you also feel the sensation. Knowing this alone can make her grow deeply aroused.

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“How To Arouse A Girl While Hugging”

  • Make use of some naughty words

Say something romantic into her ears while kissing her. Use some naughty words but do not be rude or arrogant on using those words. For example, you can say something like this _

“baby you are so sweet! “

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“I feel like giving it to you like never before. “

“This your body is so soft and I feel like chewing it to my satisfaction! “

“Please stay with me dear, forever”

” Thank you for giving me the opportunity to hug you, baby”.

And other romantic words that are capable of getting her on the mood.

  • Make eye contact

The power of eye contact is something that one cannot explain. This means that eye contact can melt any heart especially the one you have feelings for. So if you want to arouse your girl or any girl while hugging her. You should try to look into her eyes with some little smile to trigger it up.

  • Draw her more closer to you

Do not be far from her. Let your body touches each other so closely. Draw her forward to yourself so that she will feel the movement of your nerves on her. In that process, you can also romance her hips with your hands smoothly and gently. Do not be rude or overuse the opportunity she gives to you. Appreciate that and always take her for giving you the opportunity to hug her. Hearing that alone will arouse her automatically.

  • Kiss with passion

A passionate kiss is very necessary while your hands are placed around her hips.

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To arouse a girl, you have to do all those things listed above so that you won’t be disappointed. Feel free to drop your contributions or comments if there’s any….CONTINUE READING HERE