Man Records Girlfriend As She Confesses To Allegedly Sleeping With His Friend

A man has been left heartbroken after his girlfriend confessed to cheating on him with his best friend whom he once rented an apartment for and was like a brother to<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>

In the now viral video,a lady is seen crying and apologizing to her boyfriend as he grilled her for a confession.
In the video, the lady also confesses to having a threesome with the mans friend and his girlfriend…
The man is also heard screaming that he would deal with her

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The video showing the lady confessing is done without the young womans approval and also spread on the Internet without her approval

See reactions below;

Sue all of them

Deal with her? Your friend nko??

Oga ooo!


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Two wrongs doesn’t make a right. Very bad she cheated but recording her confessions without her notice and posting online is very bad and wrong in all aspect.

You would have either walk away if you can’t forgive her than doing this.

So what was the aim and intention of grilling her to confess since you already know she cheated?

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In as much as she wronged her boyfriend by cheating on him, the recording of her confession and sharing it on the internet without her permission is condemnable.<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>