BREAKING: Ozekhome, Sani, Onwubiko suggest solutions to Nigeria’s problem

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Mike Ozekhome, Senator Shehu Sani and National Coordinator of the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA), Emmanuel Onwubiko, have proffered solutions to the myriad of setbacks bedeviling the country.

They spoke at the 2023 Human Rights Lecture organised by HURIWA yesterday in Abuja.

The theme of the lecture was: ‘National Question in Nigeria: Issues, Challenges and Potential Solutions….CONTINUE READING HERE

While Senator Sani suggested that citizens should embrace the country’s diverse ethnic groups as a spice to national development, Onwubiko said the three arms of government should be independent to function effectively.

Sani made references to the United Kingdom, Morocco, United States among other, that are battling with internal wranglings.

He said: “I must be frank that I have attended many conferences in which the national question is always asked. Most people do not know what the question is.

“63 years after independence, we are still struggling to achieve certain things. But we are not alone. If you talk of a nation like France all the people there are french.

“Diversity is supposed to be a source of strength as a nation. Why God created us differently is to spice up our national identity. It would have been boring if we all looked alike. It is somewhat refreshing if you go to Kwara or Borno States, respectively and see different people.

“Every country has its own headache and heartache. Those ones that are in Maitama, Lugbe or Mararaba, they have their own problems.

“While we are battling with Boko Haram, kidnapping, in the united States, they are battling with gun control.

“In the UK today Scotland want to exceed from the United Kingdom. You do not see anything wrong when you take rice, salt to vote for a leader. But you only see everything wrong when a leader fails you.

“Nigeria’s problem is beyond leader. It is also follower-ship. Poverty has been weaponinsed. When people are poor they are told to do anything.

“Nigerian leaders do not see themselves as elected leaders. They see themselves as people who conquered the nation and so, they share the natural resources.”

Onwubiko said: “The national question is about who we are as Nigerians. Why is it that Nigeria has not become an advanced society in spite of all the natural resources? It is simply.

“It is the lack of good governance, respect for human rights, equality, equity and lack of respect for constitutional institutions tht protect and promote fundamental human rights.

“The nation as a country or the country as a nation does not and has not sufficiently allow the relevant institutions that are supposed to be, function.

“Such institution like the judiciary is a key institution but it has been hijacked by the executive arm of government. It is anathema to the nationality of Nigeria because Nigeria nationality is a collection of diverse groups.

“Nigeria is endowed with national resources. How are these natural resources distributed? How do we bake the national cake so that the younger generation can benefit from it?

“The forward is for the institutions that are critical to the sustenance of democracy not to be tempered with. The executive arm of government must stop the unnecessary interferences in hijacking the judiciary because the judiciary is not independent.

“The legislature is not independent. These are threat to the existence of our nation. So, we have to grant autonomy because the constitution has specify their roles.”

In his keynote address, Ozekhome, represented Abubakar Sani, said: “There is no difficulty is proffering solutions to Nigeria’s problem. Implementation is the problem.

“If only we have the right leaders with enough goodwill and sincerity of purpose. The problem starts and ends with sincere leadership. If only we had that Nigeria would have been a better place….CONTINUE READING HERE