BREAKING: I’m Happy Ogbunike Received Special Mention At The Summit – Says Ogene Igbo

The National Coordinator of Team Make Ogbunike Great, TMOG, and respected leader of Association of Digital Media Core Advocates, ADMCA, Dr Chuma-Odili Harris Udokamma, FCMsp, FIPESA, popularly known as Ogene Igbo, has expressed his excitement about the special mention of his town, Ogbunike, at the South East Summit on Economy and Security.
At the Summit taking place in Owerri, the Imo State capital, the Executive Governor of Anambra State, Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo, on Thursday 28th September, 2023, said, “My shoes come from Ogbunike, the shoes I wear come from Ogbunike”...CONTINUE READ.ING HERE
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The culture and tradition exponent, Dr Chuma-Odili Harris Udokamma, who has always been in news and known for initiatives and drives towards the upliftment of Ogbunike, on hearing the special mention of his town of birth, while speaking to the media reacted to the Governor’s comment.
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Ogene Igbo said, “Sincerely, I’m highly elated, excited to hear this from my Governor. I was here in the auditorium for the Summit and I was so excited to hear my home town, Ogbunike, receiving a special mention on the epochal event”.
“We must be proud of Ogbunike. If you are not, know that others are. The spotlight is now on Ogbunike Made shoes. Let’s celebrate this, and amplify the narrative. I must not fail to commend the Team Make Ogbunike Great (TMOG) for all the noble initiatives targeted at showing our great town, Ogbunike, to the world….CONTINUE READ.ING HERE
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