Ilebaye’s Epic Exit: See The Hilarious Garden Conversation

Baye, Adekunle, and an unexpected twist with Ceece in a garden chat. Witness Ilebaye’s unforgettable exit in this hilarious exchange about marriage aspirations and age. 🤣

The way Ilebaye exited this conversation should be studied…🤣🤣🤣🤣…CONTINUE READ.ING HERE

Baye and Adekunle were alone in the garden, gisting.

Baye asked Adekunle if he wants to get married and Adekunle responded that he has wanted to get married since he was 26yrs old.

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Baye: Oh.. Are you serious?😳So yang?

Adekunle: How is 26 young?

Baye: I don’t know. For a man. Then you’ll probably get married to sameone that is 20 or 21.

*Ceece comes out to the garden, sits beside Adekunle on the swing chair*

Adekunle: I actually wish I married earlier.

Baye: But now, at what age do you see yourself getting married?

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Adekunle: Now, I no fit marry this year again so maybe next year.

Baye: So at what age?

Adekunle: Thirty.

Baye: You want to get married at the age of 30? Wow, That’s nice.

Ceece: I wish I married earlier too.

Baye: Picks her cereal plate, stands up, carries her 2 legs and walks into the house in absolute silence…CONTINUE READ.ING HERE

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