Do not make these mistakes if you enter your bank from your mobile

mobile bank applications

is very common to see the account status, send a transfer or carry out any procedure. Today practically all entities have a mobile program and it is very simple. However, it is important that you take into account some factors so as not to make mistakes and always maintain safety. If you make any of these mistakes, they could steal your data and access the account…CONTINUE READ.ING HERE

There are many security attacks that can affect a bank account, but just by using the application on the mobile we can be victims of several. They could steal the password, impersonate the bank’s own program or sneak some malware into the device to spy on us. Preventing this from happening is essential.

An error is accessing the bank application from a

public Wi-Fi network

. For example if you connect at a shopping center, library or bus station. You don’t really know who may be behind that Wi-Fi and if they have created it simply to redirect traffic or collect data.

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In case you need to enter the bank and you have to connect to a public Wi-Fi network, what you should do is use a mobile VPN..  Of course, be careful with using insecure VPNs and privacy, as it could be compromised.

Another very important mistake is not correctly protecting the security of the mobile. If the device is unprotected, viruses and other threats can enter. For example, they could slip into a keylogger, which is a type of virus that is responsible for recording the passwords you enter to access the bank or any application.

To improve the

security of the mobile

, something that cannot be missing is to install a good antivirus. That will help you detect malware and prevent it from affecting you. You can also update the system to fix vulnerabilities that may exist.

You should also avoid installing banking applications from

unofficial sites

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. You could be installing a program that has been maliciously modified just to steal your data. Be careful with this, since it is a fairly common method of stealing passwords and it does not only happen with bank programs.

What you should do is go directly to the bank’s official website and download the application there, or use reliable application stores such as Google Play. This way you make sure that this software has passed a filter and is really official.

Nor should you have the bank application installed without having the

latest version

. There could be some vulnerability and that is going to be exploited by hackers. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check if there is any pending update and install it as soon as possible to avoid problems.

Some banks won’t even let you into the program if it’s not up to date. They have this security measure to avoid what we are discussing and that it may have a flaw that an attacker can exploit.


Of course, another fundamental factor that cannot be missing is

to protect the account correctly

. What does this mean? The first thing is to use a good password. Avoid putting basic things, such as a word, a date or similar. It is key that it is totally random and that it contains letters (both upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols.

But you should also set up two-factor authentication. It is an extra security barrier that comes in handy to protect a bank account. In fact, some banks force you to configure it to be able to enter the online account.

As you can see, it is important that you avoid these errors that we have explained if you are going to use your bank account through the mobile application. It is essential to maintain security and not have problems that may affect…CONTINUE READ.ING HERE