These are the top 5 dangerous android apps that can hack bank accounts?

Despite the fact that Google has installed robust security measures and raised user awareness, many malicious apps are still available on the Google Play Store. These risky apps have the ability to hack users’ devices and take their info….CONTINUE READ.ING HERE

Five Android apps that can steal users’ login credentials, account numbers, and other related financial secrets have recently been discovered in a research by the cybersecurity company Threat Fabric, putting one’s hard-earned money at danger.

Following are the top 5 dangerous Android apps that can steal your bank account data:

Can banking online be hacked?

By impersonating an established financial app, an attack can be carried out more easily. A virus writer makes an exact copy of a bank’s app and posts it on unofficial websites. Your login and password are entered into the programme when you download it, and the hacker receives them.

Can someone withdraw money from my account without my PIN?

Your debit card can be used even if fraudsters don’t have the card in physical form. Your card number alone suffices; they don’t even require your PIN. Your complete debit card number will appear on your receipt if you have used your debit card for an offline transaction (a transaction without your PIN).

Where can I report online financial fraud in India?

You can report an online financial fraud in India on the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal…CONTINUE READ.ING HERE