Big announcement for WhatsApp users who use voice notes

The change which is already available on iPhone and Android is now coming to Windows.

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that Windows users will appreciate. If you use the messaging app on your Windows computer, you will soon be able to speed up voice notes..CONTINUE READ.ING HERE

. This feature was rolled out for voice notes days ago on iPhone and Android, and now some beta testers say they are able to do the same on Windows beta.

Meta-owned WhatsApp is always working to improve user experience of the app on all devices including computers. The news, released by

who keenly monitor new app developments and improvements on WhatsApp noted that this new feature is
particularly important

now that the old WhatsApp Desktop app has been replaced with the UWP build on the Microsoft Store.

The speed-up feature makes it possible to
increase the pace at which a voice note plays back

. You may appreciate this more if you are some who communicates a lot using voice notes. According to the team atWABetaInfo:

The feature is now available to users who have installed the latest version of WhatsApp beta for windows from the Microsoft Store. However, if you are beta tester who’s
still using the previous update,

you might just luck out and find that it works on it too. If none of these is the case, you might just have to wait, sadly…..CONTINUE READ.ING HERE.