Simple Dangerous Mistakes People Should Avoid While Charging Their Phones

Maintaining a fully charged battery on your smartphone is one of the most important things you can do for it. However, charging a smartphone incorrectly can be rather dangerous. According to numerous studies, the vast majority of individuals charge their mobile devices improperly, which results in equipment damage.

In this essay, we’ll discuss the five most common charging mistakes people make and the potential risks that may result from them…CONTINUE READ.ING HERE

1. Making use of inappropriate charging cable.

By using a charging cable other than the one provided by the manufacturer, you run the risk of seriously damaging the motherboard. If you do things like utilize multiple charger cords or use them in a way that isn’t advised by the manufacturer, there is a higher risk of damaging your phone.

2 Using a phone that has been plugged into a dangerously high or low voltage socket.

It is best to charge your phone in an area with a voltage that is neither too high nor too low. If you plug your phone into a damaged electrical outlet, it can malfunction or, in the worst case scenario, cause an explosion. Residents who live in locations where there is an electrical supply disruption are highly advised to use a power stabilization device to bring the voltage back to a more stable level.

3. using the smartphone while it is charging for tasks that demand a lot of processing power could be dangerous…CONTINUE READ.ING HERE