4 Things You Need to Know About Spirit Husbands, Wives

Here are 4 things you should know about spirit husbands and wives.

1•They are demons.To some, these kind of spouses are mere myths, to a lot of people in the church they are definitely real. According to Christian, they are demons, which explains why they can not be seen with normal eyes.….CONTINUE READING HERE

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2•They cause sexual immorality. Spiritual spouses do not just have sex with you, they make their victims sleep around. They also cause pornography, masturbation, homosexuality and prostitution.

3• They cause confusion in homes. This site tells us that having a spiritual spouse is most likely to lead to problems in any home. This is because they cause the wives to disrespect their human husbands and vice versa. They also incite fights.

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4• They have been known to cause infertility. Reportedly, this is another foolproof way of knowing if one has a spiritual spouse.This is achieved by blocking the tubes, causing miscarriages, fibroids, cancer and so on.….CONTINUE READING HERE