8 Harshest Truths About Women That Most Men Learn Too Late

Most guys struggle with dating because they don’t understand female psychology.

These 8 harsh truths will give you important clues about why they behave the way they do…..CONTINUE READING

More importantly, they’ll help you understand how to respond.
1. Women Will Act Based On How Men Present Themselves

Women have one-night stands with some guys and make others wait for months. Why is that?

The answer can be found when investigating the types of guys she sleeps with quickly.

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If a man presents himself as a ‘player’ with no interest in relationships, some women will want nothing to do with him. But others will jump into bed with him that night.

Yet, if the same man presented himself as a ‘nice guy’ searching for his future wife, these women would all behave like prim and proper ladies.

The difference is in who they trust not to judge their promiscuity.

The ‘nice guy’ believes most women are pure and innocent. He looks down on those who aren’t. The ‘player’ knows the truth about female sexuality and has probably had several hook-ups himself, so women can trust him not to judge or spread gossip about them.

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I’ve seen this with my own eyes. When I used to behave like a perfect gentleman, women would act sweet and innocent around me. Now it’s clear I’m only into casual dating, they jump into bed with me quickly. These women have shown me texts from the nice guys they’re making wait for sex.

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Women love sex as much as men. It’s just they’re judged heavily for sleeping around. That’s why they need to be careful about who sees their naughty side.

There are some exceptions to this rule, of course. It only applies when a woman is attracted to you. Some women are genuine ‘good girls’. Others sleep around and don’t care who knows it. But it’s still worth bearing in mind when….CONTINUE READING