When A Girl Says She Will Think About It, Here Are 2 Things To Know

What if a female says she’ll think about it? She’ll decide. She wants time to ponder whether she likes you. Give her room and time, then let her speak to you about it. When men ask women out, “I’ll think about it” might indicate several things. Many ladies say this. This response devastated many guys.CONTINUE READING HERE

I’ve seen men assume this is a no. Some regard it as a desire to prove themselves correct and win the girl’s heart, but this might evoke many emotions, therefore few men contemplate it.

It means she really likes you

It is evidence that she feels passionately about you as a person. And for that, she would like to offer an invitation for a date to you. On the other hand, she would rather have you take the initiative and show her that you have emotions for her as well rather than the other way around. If you are really interested in what is being discussed, the proper answer to this inquiry is “How about right now?

She may not want you to feel betrayed.

She’ll consider. Because women surprised them, many males feel forced to reply....CONTINUE READING HERE