JUST IN: Hold Onto Your Holy Hats, Folks, Pastor Adeboye’s Predictions Are a Wild Ride for 2024!

Buckle up, believers, because Pastor Adeboye’s 2024 prophecies are about as predictable as a runaway shopping cart in a supermarket full of jelly. Things are gonna get bumpy before they get blissed, that’s for sure!….CONTINUE READING

Imagine it like this: 2023 was the warm-up act, juggling flaming chainsaws and reciting the alphabet backwards. Now, in 2024, we’re getting the main event – a flaming-hoop triple somersault with a blindfolded trust fall into a vat of holy guacamole!

The cleric, while giving his prophesies for 2024 during the crossover night service on Sunday at the Redemption Citiy along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, however, said before getting better, things would first get worse.

Adeboye said, “For Nigeria, the wind is already blowing. The wind is blowing.

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“Everything God is saying is centred around that little sentence. The wind is blowing, include in your prayers that the wind will blow you well.

“Things will get worse before they get better. Things will get a little hotter before it gets better.”

While urging Nigerians to be hopeful and get ready to grab the many opportunities that will come their way this year, he said, “because the wind is blowing means things will get better

“Some people will start as nobody but will become significant before the middle of the year.”
Let us do a deepdive, shall we?

First up, brace yourselves for a bit of a rough patch. Think of it as a divine detour, a scenic pothole-filled route before reaching the pearly-paved highway of prosperity. But don’t despair, fam, because just when you think you’ve lost your hallelujah handle, BAM! The clouds part, angels sprinkle glitter from the sky, and suddenly, it’s raining blessings like confetti at a heavenly birthday party!

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So, what’s on the menu for this divine rollercoaster?

Hold onto your hymnals, because here’s a sneak peek:

Economy doing the Azonto: Inflation might do the salsa for a while, but don’t worry, it’ll soon be tangoing with stability, and prosperity will be moonwalking all over the place!
Health bouncing back like a superball: Aches and pains might do the cha-cha for a bit, but hold on, they’ll be doing the robot with divine healing before you can say “amen.”
Peace doves doing the jitterbug: Turbulence might ruffle some feathers, but don’t fret, harmony will be doing the hula with unity, and love will be doing the birdie dance all over the land!

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Remember, folks, even the wildest rollercoaster ride eventually reaches its happy ending. So, keep your faith firmly strapped in, hold onto your sense of humor (it’s gonna be a bumpy one!), and trust that Pastor Adeboye’s 2024 prophecy is just God’s way of adding a little extra spice to our journey. Let’s face it, boring blessings are just… well, boring!

So, get ready to shout “Hallelujah!” louder than ever, because in 2024, we’re not just surviving, we’re thriving, and we’re doing it with a whole lot of holy laughter along the way!….CONTINUE READING