Hardship: President Tinubu Told to Immediately Resign, Details Surface

Comrade Toyin Raheem has advised Bola Ahmed Tinubu to resign from his position as presidentRaheem cited the current condition of the Nigerian economy as well as the troubling kidnap-for-ransom scourge as reasons for his demandEllaNews reports that Nigerians still face most of the challenges that President Tinubu’s party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), promised to fix nine years ago…..CONTINUE READING HERE

EllaNews journalist Ridwan Adeola Yusuf has over 9 years of experience covering public journalism and governance issues.

Ikeja, Lagos state – Toyin Raheem, the chairman of a non-governmental organisation, Coalition Against Corruption and Bad Governance, has asked President Bola Tinubu to resign.

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Speaking in an interview with Sahara TV, Raheem said the Tinubu administration, though nine months old, has “failed”.

Tinubu/Latest about Bola Tinubu/Nigeria news/hardshipPresident Tinubu has several pressing issues to solve as Nigeria’s leader. Photo credit: Kola Sulaimon
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He specifically expressed displeasure with the kidnapping epidemic in the country, saying abductors now dare to storm homes and carry out attacks.

Raheem said:

“Without mincing words, it is as if Nigeria has failed as a nation.

“This present government, regardless of the number of months it has been in power, has failed. Not only failed, but failed woefully.

“Ordinarily, one would have expected the president of the country to have resigned by now, because it appears he doesn’t have any solution to the problem of this country.

“What are we talking about? It is as if we don’t have any government presently. That is the truth.”

EllaNews reports that the rising cost of living and soaring inflation have affected a lot of Nigerians.

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Since his inauguration in May 2023, President Tinubu has been on a mission to improve the economy, but his policies have hardly done so. Floating the currency and removing fuel subsidies have triggered record inflation in a country where 133 million people live in poverty.

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FG takes action as hardship bites harder

Earlier, EllaNews reported that the federal government hinted at plans to establish a National Commodity Board as a solution to the escalating food inflation in the country.

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In tackling price volatility, the board will be given the mandate to assess and regulate food prices, as well as maintain a strategic food reserve for stabilising prices of crucial grains and other food items…...CONTINUE READING HERE