BREAKING: ‘You will never win Grammys’ – Benue man, Emmi Wuks who rode on bicycle to Lagos tells Davido

Emmanuel Aondoungwa Myam, also known as Emmi Wuks, the young cyclist who rode from Benue to meet Davido in Lagos has celebrated the defeat of the singer in the just concluded Grammys…..CONTINUE READING HERE

The cyclist vowed that for Davido to have shunned him, he would never win Grammys in his entire life.

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He tweeted, “To you @davido
i contributed in promoting ur so called timeless album worldwide when there was no single buzz abt it…
Telling me to turn back you are not home,
Rushing into my DM to send my account number as if I was hungry 4 your so called Audio money
@davido u can’t look down on me then be thinking of GRAMMY AWARD,

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“In Your entire life you will never see that GRAMMY I PROMISE YOU. Nt everyone luv you becoz of ur audiomoney
Except the foolish and hungry one
Wise up My take no offense. Dey call me EMMIWUKS for a reason.”....CONTINUE READING HERE