BREAKING: Hebert Wigwe’s Daughter, Tochi Melts Hearts With Emotional Tribute

Tochi Wigwe, daughter of the deceased CEO of Access Holdings, Herbert Wigwe has triggered emotions with her heartfelt tribute to her dad describing him as ‘a paradox, a tower of strength with a heart as soft as silk<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>

While she was called up to speak, she humorously began by revealing her anxiety towards public speaking.

Tochi Wigwe said “I always used to tell my father that I really hated public speaking, but he tried to convince me that he hated it as well but” it was always something he did under compulsion. “So I’m going to try my best to be fearless.”

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Managing to muster strength from within amidst the tears, Tochi began her tribute, to her deceased father, Herbert Wigwe.

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“In this moment, for the first time, your words resonate deeply within me. No longer do I want to tilt my head and squint my eyes in confusion. You were simply extraordinary. Amidst my tears, I reflect on the man that you are; driven, determined and always surpassing expectations.

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“You urged me to reach new heights I never imagined. Whenever doubts clouded my mind, you will chuckle knowingly and say, ‘you really don’t know whose child you are, you’ll soon find out’ And once again, you were right, I’ve come to find out.

“I can never fathom how you managed to do it all. It seemed inconceivable, turning everything you touched to gold while remaining an unwavering anchor for your family and friends.”

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Tochi Wigwe revealed how her father defied distances to see her while schooling abroad<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>