BREAKING: Benue Resident’s Unconventional Wedding: Marrying Three Women Simultaneously With A Unique Perspective On Family

Benue Resident’s Unconventional Wedding: Marrying Three Women Simultaneously With A Unique Perspective On Family<<<READ FULL ARTICLE

At the age of 26, Tersugh Aondona, a farmer from Jato-Aka, Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State, made headlines by marrying three women on January 31, 2024. In an interview with ABDULLATEEF FOWEWE, he shares his motivation for such a decision and sheds light on his aspirations for a large family and thriving agricultural pursuits.

Tersugh Aondona’s primary focus is on cultivating rice, yam, and cassava on his expansive farm. The decision to marry three wives was rooted in his desire for numerous children and the need for assistance in managing his large agricultural enterprise. Before tying the knot, Aondona discussed his intentions with each woman, emphasizing the importance of their support on the farm.

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Choosing to marry all three women on the same day was a strategic decision to avoid potential conflicts that arise when marrying sequentially. Aondona observed the challenges faced by his brother, who encountered resistance from his first wife when attempting to marry another. To maintain harmony among his wives and foster positive relationships, he opted for a simultaneous ceremony, ensuring that all parties were in agreement.

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Aondona acknowledges the potential for challenges and conflicts but asserts that if any issues arise, he will remind his wives of their initial agreement and question their commitment to the relationship. He believes that upfront communication and understanding are crucial for a harmonious polygamous household.

Despite societal norms, Aondona received support from his pastor after initially surprising him with the plan. The pastor stressed the importance of Aondona’s ability to handle and care for his wives and encouraged him to be prayerful. With the pastor’s blessings, Aondona proceeded with the triple wedding, confident in his decision.

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Regarding his annual earnings from the farm, Aondona remains discreet about specific figures but shares that a successful rice harvest can yield substantial profits, reaching over N5 million. In the face of economic challenges, he sustains his family by producing all their food, relying on the abundance from his farm.

As for future plans, Aondona remains open-ended about marrying more wives, suggesting that his focus is currently on managing his existing family and agricultural endeavors. His commitment to polygamy stems from a genuine desire for a large family and the practical assistance provided by his wives on the farm<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>