JUST IN: “An empty house, an empty street” – Video of abandoned estate owned by Abdulsamad Rabiu, CEO of BUA Cement, sparks reactions

Several replies have sprung up in response to a popular video of an abandoned estate in Abuja owned by Abdulsamad Rabiu, CEO of BUA Cement<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>

A man released a viral video showing abandoned houses all around the multi-billion-naira estate in Kado Gwarimpa Axis in Abuja.

According to the video, 90% of the beautiful mansions in the costly estate are vacant and abandoned.As expected, the real estate owned by Nigeria’s second richest man, Abdulsamad Rabiu, whose nett worth is $5.2 billion, has sparked multiple reactions online.

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Watch video below

Reacting to the


@chidhoxieh said: I know this estate very well. Its around Kado after NAF conference center if you drive down. My brother, its very expensive. They dont even want mortgage options with the Federal Mortgage Bank. It was built for a certain Cabal to buy and the deal didnt go through. Do your research.donwilly01_: Even for Lagos self Especially IKATE and IKOYI many Houses DEY empty nobody Dey stay inside.

@okechi_ng reacted: As empty as it is, it is heavily guarded bcos of the illegal money hidden in some of the houses

@ojeshair wrote’: Someone said they should play “an empty house, an empty street” by west life.

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@kanayo.samson said: Pin location abg. I get small house issues. I go dey clean and take care of the house. If the owner come back I go pack.

@kobokomaster_comedian said: This place has been like this for over 10 good years and countingiammcpashun: When they Build with Stolen Funds . They jst keep it empty till they leave power and watch if efcc will open their fileajoke_555_: Each house as of 2022 was going for 500m about 2000units yet Nigerians do not know where to direct their aggression Nigerians think.

@geoffrey_oji: Na to use that location shoot better movie o…. Make them title am empty or forgotten… somebody pls give me another title<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>