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5 Reasons Why A Married Woman Still Be Attracted To Another Man

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Even the most subtle signs your wife loves someone else or is attracted to another man can put your marriage on shaky ground. While there is no denying that this can be a heartbreaking reality, more often than not, it’s a symptom of something amiss in your relationship or your wife’s life on the whole.>>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

So if you suspect that your wife has been feeling drawn to another man or is harboring feelings for someone else, it warrants a closer look at where these feelings may be stemming from.

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This can go a long way in determining the impact of this curveball on the future of your relationship. After all, it is not necessary that your marriage is going to fall apart or that your wife’s feelings for another man will lead to infidelity. Even if it does, moving past it is not impossible. In fact, a Gallup poll shows that 31% of the participants said they wouldn’t get a divorce if they found out their spouse was having an affair.

So, no matter how grim the situation may appear to be at the outset, you can find a way to work through it. Recognizing the root cause behind a shift in your wife’s feelings can make that process that much simpler. That’s why, before exploring signs wife likes another man, we must attempt to understand the probable causes behind it. Does it signify a clear lack of fulfillment in the primary relationship? Are you in an unhappy marriage, or is something else to be blamed? Let’s find out.
1. The promise of sexual pleasure

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Just like men, studies suggest that women can also partake in infidelity for sexual pleasure. However, it’s important to note that just because a married woman is talking to another man, it doesn’t mean she’s doing it to cheat on her spouse. Nonetheless, one of the reasons she may start to like someone other than her spouse may be the promise of sexual pleasure — or at least the mystique of it.
2. Intimacy has died a slow death in the marriage

When there’s no emotional intimacy in marriage anymore, your relationship may reduce to that of two roommates who occasionally have sex. If a couple’s conversations are centered around household chores and their shared responsibilities, it points to a clear lack of intimacy and that is a cause for concern.

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According to studies, women seek lovers to supplement their primary relationships, not end them. If she believes the lack of intimacy can be made up for by a third, it may be the reason behind your wife dating another man or falling for someone else.
3. Lack of effort

Sometimes a lack of equal effort can make the marital journey gruesome. Effort in a relationship is pivotal for sustaining it in the long haul, and when one’s spouse becomes too complacent to make any effort to nurture the marital bond, it’s easy to see how discontent can flare up. The possibility of your wife dating another man or developing feelings for someone else becomes higher if you have consistently shown a lack of interest and effort.
wife dating another man Your wife may develop feelings for someone else if you have consistently shown a lack of interest and effort
4. The waning feeling of love

The love two people feel for each other changes over the course of marriage. The intense and all-encompassing feelings eventually pave the way for a secure and trustworthy union. But when compassion and adoration start to disappear, things can get tricky. When the love fades away in marriage, either one or both partners might try to find it elsewhere.
5. The thrill, the FOMO, the chase

Even in a happy, successful marriage, the thrill of doing something taboo can be addictively alluring. It’s possible that when a woman starts liking another man, the added layer of excitement may increase the pleasure. Then, there is the fear of missing out on other experiences. In some cases, the grass looks tantalizingly greener outside the fence of monogamy. And that’s when signs wife likes another man may begin to emerge.>>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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