BREAKING: Angry pastor walks out, refuses to bless marriage as groom entered Canada illegally (video) - Reportgist

BREAKING: Angry pastor walks out, refuses to bless marriage as groom entered Canada illegally (video)

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Wedding guests were left in a state of shock as the officiating pastor got angry, and walked out of the auditorium where he was supposed to bless a wedding between his daughter and a young man, saying the groom did not have documents to legalise his stay in Canada.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

The development was captured in video footage that was posted on TikTok and it has since gone viral, with many people expressing mixed reactions to it.

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In the video, the groom could be seen standing before the aisle in the company of the groomsmen on one side while the bride and her bridesmaids also stand on the other side, in readiness to receive the blessing of the officiating man of God who happens to be the groom’s father.

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However, to the surprise of everyone, the pastor started questioning the young man sternly in the presence of the large crowd of attendees, whether or not he had a legal document to permit his stay in Canada, to which the groom answered in the negative.

Not being satisfied with the groom’s answer, the pastor descended from the podium, kissed the bride on the cheek and said that he would not bless the marriage.

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He then started walking out of the auditorium while grumbling. He stopped to explain to the congregation that the groom entered Canada illegally and he would not preside over an illegality. In his view, the man was only trying to use marriage as a means to gain Canadian citizenship, and that did not sit well with him as a man of God and the father of the bride.

“He doesn’t have papers; I’m not going to sit here and push my daughter ….,”the unhappy pastor said in the 48-second video, which was captioned with a question,“What just happened now?”

The video has got many TikTok users reacting, with many wondering if the pastor had not been aware of the groom’s situation beforehand or if he was just deliberately being dramatic for populism reasons.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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