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Davido’s “Timeless” Album Becomes His First Album To Surpass 450 Million Streams On Spotify

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Afrobeats superstar Davido is on a roll! His latest album, “Timeless,” which dropped in March 2024, has become a streaming giant. It surpassed 450 million streams on Spotify. This achievement marks a first for Davido – none of his albums have ever reached such dizzying heights.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

On its release day and throughout its first week, the album shattered records to become the most streamed Nigerian album ever on Spotify.

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The success story extends far beyond the album itself. “Unavailable,” the lead single featured Musa Keys. The single has become an individual chart-topper, surpassing 100 million streams. This is another historic first for Davido, solidifying “Unavailable” as his most streamed lead single to date.

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The entire album is a hit factory, churning out tracks like “Feel,” “Kante” featuring Fave, and “No Competition” featuring Asake. All of these songs have resonated deeply with fans.

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Davido’s exceptional talent has garnered recognition on the international stage. “Timeless” itself is a contender for the prestigious Grammy Award for Best Global Album, while “Unavailable” and “Feel” have been nominated for Best African Song Performance and Best Global Song Performance, respectively. These nominations are a testament to the artistic merit and global appeal of Davido’s music.

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With “Timeless” reaching these incredible heights, Davido’s total streams on Spotify have now skyrocketed past 2 billion! This achievement propels him to the position of the 6th most streamed Nigerian artist on the platform, following afrobeat legends like Wizkid and Burna Boy.

Davido’s influence and popularity continue to surge on a global scale, solidifying his position as a major force in the music industry. The future looks bright for this Afrobeats superstar, and fans can’t wait to see what musical magic he conjures up next.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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