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Dear Men; If You Want To Live Long, Never Marry These 6 Types Of Women

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Finding the appropriate partner or staying away from the wrong one are only two aspects of a healthy relationship; both parties must put forth effort. When you don’t know what the future holds in store for you, it can be challenging to decide who is the greatest fit for you.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

However, some females have certain characteristics that point to harmful behaviours. We shall concentrate on women in this topic because guys can also have peculiarities that prohibit them from getting married. Here are a few immediately recognisable female characters you should give serious consideration before marrying in order to prevent issues in the future ….

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1. The Control Freak:

You don’t want to spend the rest of your life with this individual. This woman is domineering and insists on having her way in everything. She controls most of the relationship’s decisions and conducts herself like a boss. She makes decisions regarding the movies you watch, places food orders without your input, and handles a variety of other issues. You could feel occasionally that you are irrelevant to the situation.

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2. Materialism is an obsession with money

She constantly demands money for the most little things, acting like a cunning robber. Because she either can’t cook or doesn’t want the hassle, this kind of lady favours fast food to homemade meals. She doesn’t contribute monetarily to the relationship and lets you handle all of her requirements.

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3. A person with comparison-making skills

She can’t go a day without discussing the topic with her ex and how he will respond. Her perception of you is that you are a poor partner despite your efforts to show that you can be one.

4. A woman who is anxious

Although anxiety affects everyone to some degree, some people are more vulnerable than others. To keep you around or scare off other ladies, this lady will go to tremendous measures. It could show out in numerous ways if she is always bragging about herself, looking for compliments, or being overly flirty with a male. All of this is done to increase her self-assurance.

5. The woman who is jealous

While insecurity and jealousy have some correlation, not all insecure women are jealous. All of Miss Jealous’ acquaintances and time-stealing individuals are despised by her. To want more of your attention, she would do anything to sabotage your relationships with other people. She does not want to allow you any time to breathe; she wants all the spotlight.

6. Possessed by the devil

The moods of this woman are cyclical. She starts arguing every time your girlfriend’s phone number pops up on your mobile device. She keeps track of your calls and texts to make sure you don’t text or phone other girls. Not even an introduction to her best buddy is made. She is definitely aggressive in spirit.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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