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Implore These 5 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Bedbugs At Home

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Bedbugs have small, flat bodies that make it easy for them to fit into tiny spaces. After feeding, their bodies swell and turn reddish. When born, it only takes about a month for bedbugs to fully develop, and female bedbugs can lay hundreds of eggs during their lifespan of a year. This makes bed bug infestations difficult to exterminate.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Although pesticides and other insect destroyers weaken them or reduce their population, some of these chemicals can also damage our properties. Moreover, after a week or so if you don’t get rid of the eggs, you could return to square one. Now is the time to get serious with these insects.

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Here are five natural ways to get rid of bedbugs in your home. You can get these are ingredients easily and their effects are powerful.

bedbug treatment control. Photo: @planet natural

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Sunlight is a natural gift of nature. We can use this to wipe out bed bugs from our properties and keep our homes safe.

You can try sun-drying your foams, chairs, and clothes under the sun, on weekends. This will automatically reduce all bugs, and you will see them coming out from hidden places. The essence of the sun is heat. It comes naturally and helps us preserve our house from these unneeded guests.

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Bed bugs can’t survive anything hot, so you can use boiled water to either wash your wears or use it to steam your furniture. This method is less expensive but highly effective. Trying this method will not only reduce these bloodsucking animals, but it will also preserve the quality of your properties.

We use hot water to wash our clothes to remove stubborn dirt, we can also use it to take away stubborn insects that would not allow us to sleep peacefully at night.

Consistent and thorough cleaning can help permanently eradicate this pest. They don’t die off easily, so if you leave your clothes for more than a week after being used, then you are inviting more bugs to your home.

This is considered the most effective method for eliminating bedbugs. Professional pest control companies use specialised heaters that raise the temperature throughout your home to a level lethal to bedbugs and their eggs (typically around 140°F or 60°C). This method ensures complete eradication throughout the entire room or house.

These come last, not because it is less effective, but because they will cost a bit more than the previous ways to free yourself from bedbugs. Kerosene alone is highly effective, and will instantly kill any bedbug, adding ground camphor will only increase its effect, and will also give your home a good smell.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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