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List of Secret MTN Codes You Must Know

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In this article, we will be taking a look at the available List of Secret MTN Codes You Must Know In Ghana so if you happen to be someone who wants to know these codes, then this article is the right article for you.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Either you would love to make free calls on MTN in Ghana, you choose to browse at cheaper prices, send SMS at cheaper rates or redeem MTN loyalty points for airtime or internet bundle — then here is all the comprehensive guide you need today.

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Mobile Telecommunications Network, also referred to as M-Cell, is recognized by the abbreviation MTN.

With its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, and as a South African brand, MTN is a South African mobile telecommunications firm that works in several African and Asian nations.

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MTN is now the eighth-largest mobile network operator in the world with 280 million members. The company alone in Nigeria is in charge of almost 35% of the market.

MTN Ghana is one of the popular telecommunication company in the country, best used for our everyday calls, data bundles, SMS and Mobile money services .

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When we say MTN secrets codes, we mean legal codes provided by MTN, however, many of the subscribers of MTN have little or no idea that these codes actually exist. The secret here does not mean that the codes are illegal.

The list of MTN Secret Codes in Ghana gives you all the hidden MTN short codes that you can use for so many subscriptions at faster rate. Should you want to make free calls, subscribe to cheaper MTN data bundles, MTN SMS and many more, you would need to MTN secrete codes to do that.

As mentioned earlier, MTN secret short codes are legal codes for accessing some MTN services, just that as a subscriber you have little or no idea that these codes even exist. Below are these codes and what they do;

Y’ello! Do you wish to receive interest on your Mobile Money wallet?

This is the chance to make use of this MTN secret code to get interest on the Mobile Money services you have been using.

The MTN Mobile Money interesting short code is *595#. This code is used when as a subscriber you want to get exempted from the interest that MTN Ghana pays your every three months depending on the amount of money you have in your MTN mobile money account.

The MTN Just4U secret code offers you cheapest MTN data bundles for all your social media and other internet required tasks in Ghana.

You can use this code to access the MTN 1GB data for only GHC 5 offer. One thing about this offer is that the data is valid for three (3) days which is quite different from the normal bundles that you know.

The MTN Just4U offer short code is *141#.

This MTN secrete short code helps you subscribe to cheaper internet bundles on the go, and enjoy a reliable internet access in Ghana.

With this MTN secrete code, you can send MTN airtime to someone using the short code *144*number*voucher code#.

As an MTN subscriber, you can use this code to buy credit for your loved ones. You could see that the code is different from the usual code that you know and it will be prudent to state that this code is just a short way to easily buy credit for your loved one.

Have in mind that both this code and the usual code you know work perfectly so you just have to decide which one you would want to use. The goal is to know how to send airtime from your MTN number to another MTN phone number.

With the MTN Data Zone bundle, you subscribe to the cheapest MTN internet bundles and enjoy convenient browsing at the comfort of your room in Ghana.

The MTN Data Zone bundle short code is *135*2*1#.

This MTN secret code can be used to obtain 1GB for just GHC 1.50, 2GB for just GHC 2.75, and many more, but keep in mind that each of these offers is only good for one day, or 24 hours.

The MTN Zone bundle

offer currently is the commonly used data bundle subscription by many Ghanaians for convenient internet.

The MTN offers short code helps you subscribe and enjoy most MTN offers as benefit for using the Mobile network. There are many offers such as:

The MTN Loyalty reward offers short code helps you to make use of the airtime credits you have been purchasing each and everyday as points on your mobile phone, and convert them to call credit, data bundle or SMS bundles.

We have explained many times about how to make free calls using the MTN offers

short code.

Despite using the MTN Loyalty reward points for calls and browsing, you can also redeem these points for shopping or eating at most restaurants across Ghana.

The MTN Offer secret code is *550#.

With this code, you can also make unlimited free calls for six months to a specific MTN number which is MTN Magic number.

The MTN Info Portal as one of the MTN Secret codes in Ghana has so many things you can use it for.

Using your MTN SIM for long, you can dial the short code to check for your MTN phone number, Configure your MTN internet settings, Usage summary, MTN 4G SIM Change, MTN Promo points, Pledge a phone etc.

The MTN Info Portal short code is *156# that is used to access these services at a go.

We also have a comprehensive guide about how to check your MTN phone number yourself.

We know this article has served as a piece of information about List of Secret MTN Codes You Must Know In Ghana.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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