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NCC Explains Fast Data Exhaustion Among Nigerians

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The Consumer Affairs Bureau of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has explained reasons for fast data depletion amongst Nigerian mobile telecommunication subscribers.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

The clarification follows complaints from subscribers about fast data drainage from service providers such as MTN, Airtel, Globacom, and 9mobile who have been accused of defrauding them.

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The NCC on its official website highlighted several factors that could be responsible for rapid data exhaustion to include:

“Excessive usage: One of the main reasons for data depletion is excessive usage. If you use your phone to stream videos or music, download large files, or use data-intensive apps for a long time, your data limit can quickly be depleted.

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Background apps: Some apps continue to consume data even when you’re not actively using them. Background data usage can quickly add up and deplete your data allowance.

“Automatic updates: Automatic updates for apps, operating systems, and other software can also use up a significant amount of data.

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“Location services: GPS and other location services can consume a lot of data, especially if you use navigation apps like Google Maps.

“Advertisements: Some apps display ads that use data. These ads can consume data even if you don’t interact with them.

“Roaming: If you travel abroad and use your phone, you may be subject to data roaming charges, which can quickly add up and deplete your data allowance.

“Malware: Malware and viruses can consume data without your knowledge. If you suspect that your phone has been infected, it’s important to remove the malware as soon as possible.”

The Commission also advised mobile users to disable location services for some specific apps as such services consume a lot of data.

For unsolicited advertisements, the telecom regulator advised the subscribers to install ad-blockers.

NCC also suggested connecting to Wi-Fi whenever possible for mobile subscribers to avoid using their cellular data. “You can connect to Wi-Fi at home, work, or in public places like cafes or libraries,” the Commission said.

NCC further advised that any subscriber who consistently runs out of data should consider upgrading to a larger data plan.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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