My Best Friend Has Been Sleeping With My Wife For The Past 3 Years Just Because Of This (Video) - Reportgist

My Best Friend Has Been Sleeping With My Wife For The Past 3 Years Just Because Of This (Video)

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Honestly I was full of tears as I listened to the man speak. Only a married man who has experienced this can relate well with this situation.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

I met my wife in 2012 through someone who is supposed to be my best friend. Being a good pretender, she sure covered all her tracks for the first few months after we met. Though we had one or two issues every dating relationship would have we proceeded with our plans to settle down together.

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In 2013, marriage plans were already being considered until suddenly my best friend started complaining too much about my wife saying she is this, she is that. He even told me she had bad friends, they flirted, they snatched each other’s boyfriend’s, they lie etc. I was shocked. I asked him then why he introduced such a girl to me if he already knew she was bad for marriage. Besides, I reminded him we did back checks together when we visited her school at mushood Abiola polytechnic, the area she resided in eleyele and other areas he suggested. Why is he telling me all this now? He had no concrete explanation. I felt it was jealousy because he wanted more access to me than he was getting, probably my wife was pushing him away.

We continued our plans for marriage while my friend pulled out of our lives. I was shocked. Effort to make him reason fell on deaf ears.

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In March 2014 I married my wife in Ibadan. My family and I shut down iBadan. We took over fully 4 notable hotels and spent millions. It was a wedding any bride would want to have, in fact, I remember a cousin to my wife who was her brides maid was in the same car with me and my wife when she looked back at the convoy going to our hotel after the wedding and said she would love her wedding to be like ours. I laughed at her comment.

A year six months after our marriage trouble started. My wife would come home from wherever she went to dazed, tired, exhausted et Al. With red eyes as if someone tried to strangle her to death. After many incidents like this I became concerned and decided to follow up. I discovered she was keeping bad company with single female parents old enough to be her aunts. I discussed it serverally with her but she’s flair up telling I was trying to cage her. We kept struggling on same subject for another two years or so. She would now come home not only dazed, exhausted or extremely tired but also having horrible armpit smells as well as general sex smell. I couldn’t take it anymore.

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One night I tried to give it another try and brought up the issue of her kind of friends especially one dark one whom I had now know to have several boy friends. I actually cought her in hotels many times with different men. As usual, she flaired up, took our soup plate (we were having dinner) and broke it on my head. She said enough was enough that she was going to show me. That I was being unnecessarily bossy over her and that I am a control frick. It is a taboo where I come from for this to happen so the issue eventually brought my family as well as hers together for settlement. If only I new, that would have been her marching order. My fear that my daughter (the only child we had then) clouded my judgement and I let her stay after she performed some traditional rites. She layed low for six months and resumed again afterwards.

In 2018 we had our second child, a boy. I can’t begin to explain the circumstances that led to this child’s birth but thankfully he is mine. She continued her escapade come home very tired to cook or even allow me touch her. When I even convinced her she’s use her legs to guide the whole operation making it impossible for me to enjoy intimacy. There are years I slept with my wife only 8-10 times in 365 days. I swear that’s correct 2017 and 2018 are confirmed at least. Meanwhile, my businesses of up to 30 million had all collapsed. We were not doing to well financially anymore.

In 2020, I discovered she’d come home and hassle me for sex. I’d refuse her for strategic reasons. She’d try again and again. In two weeks alone it was becoming tug of war so I had one intimacy with her. Boom! After about three weeks or so she bought test strips in front of me and tested herself then told me she was pregnant. My eyes almost popped out. I decided we go to a laboratory for confirmation and it reported she was two months gone already. We argued about the pregnancy at home but I gave way for peace to reign. Every bad thing happened to my wife but two major events stood out. She was crushed to a fence by a car. It was so bad that the fence fell down on her but God as usual was kind. On her dilevry day, she was restorated twice by doctors after she passed out twice. I ran Helter skelter to buy blood for her. She survived.

How we got over 200k to pay for her hospital bill today is still a mistery. She never agreed to share SMS alert of her so called friend Anu in Indianapolis who she claimed sent that money till date.

She was later ejected from her shop which I rented for her on funny claims of eigth thousand naira balance. Can you believe that? I knew something happened between her and her landlady but I had no proof. When I called the landlady she’d shout me off saying I am not a man.

Fast forward. She started working from home. She sews by the way. She’d make Soo much money but will hide it. I was bursting my ass feeding the house and paying bills while she kept her money. I had to start a music recording studio to help meet our needs.

One night on my way back from work, an elderly man near my house and I greeted and he mentioned my wife just entered that do we always plan it? I said my wife at past nine? As I turned to go one of my neighbors appeared in towel greeting as usual I answered and immediately walked fast home. As I was close to my gate I heard my wife gently closing the gate so I wouldn’t know she was just entering. I stood and listened to be sure. I then called out for her to open. When she did she wanted to run inside quickly but I stopped her. She was dazed, smelling of sex I confronted her she quickly ran to the bathroom to wash up. Then I knew it was over if didn’t want to die Young. I investigated from the Abokis around and they first of all confirmed my wife’s suspicious mivents withing the street at night. I also prayed about it and also got confirmation of my wife promiscuity. She had become rude, disrespectful, unconcerned and disconnected. I saw as a mature man she was no longer willing to be a wife. She never bought plates in 3 years. I bought them myself. She’d not clean the house, she’d not buy essential stuff women need in the house. I saw it had ended so I moved out. While I was packing my thing she was reminding me not to forget anything ooo. She was even showing me where my stuff’s where. I house I built with my sweat. She didn’t contribute a dime chaaiii

She had been sleeping with my neighbor for years and he was funding her.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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