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What Happens If We Hold Our Pee For A Long Period Of Time?

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Holding your pee for a prolonged period can lead to various health issues. When you delay urination, urine accumulates in your bladder, exerting pressure on its walls. Over time, this pressure can weaken bladder muscles and lead to urinary retention, where the bladder can’t fully empty itself. This condition can increase the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) as bacteria have more time to multiply in stagnant urine.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

Continuously holding urine can also stretch the bladder beyond its normal capacity. This stretching can affect the bladder’s ability to contract effectively, causing urinary incontinence, where you may experience leaks or an inability to control urination.

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In severe cases, prolonged urine retention can lead to bladder distension, a condition where the bladder becomes excessively stretched and may even rupture, posing serious health risks.

Additionally, holding urine for extended periods can affect kidney function. The kidneys continuously filter waste products from the blood to produce urine. Holding urine for too long can interfere with this process, potentially leading to kidney stones or kidney infections.

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Furthermore, constantly ignoring the urge to urinate can disrupt the body’s natural signaling system, making it harder to recognize when you actually need to go. This can create a cycle of worsening bladder habits.>>>CONTINUE FULL READING HERE

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