Why “Stop promoting the traditionalist; it’s forbidden in Islam” – Islamic cleric Ahmad advises Femi Adebayo

In a recent development, Islamic cleric Sheikh Ahmad has advised Nollywood actor Femi Adebayo against promoting traditionalist practices in movie, stating that it goes against the teachings of Islam.

The cleric expressed his concern on socila media, where he called on Femi Adebayo to reconsider his involvement in movie that promote traditional beliefs…..CONTINUE READING

He shared a photo of Femi Adebayo in a traditional outfit, promoting the movie ‘Orisa’ produced by Odunalde Adekola.

However, Sheikh Ahmad believes that such activities are not in line with the principles of Islam and should be avoided.

During his speech, Sheikh Ahmad emphasized the importance of adhering to Islamic teachings and urged Femi Adebayo to be mindful of the potential impact of his actions in this life and after death.

He highlighted that promoting traditionalist practices contradicts the essence of Islam, which encourages the worship of Allah alone and adherence to the teachings of the Holy Quran…..CONTINUE READING

Watch him speaks below;