BREAKING: Keep the judiciary in your prayers; some people still believe that Nigeria is Lagos and haven’t learned their lesson. GRV

It is no longer a secret that Nigerians are primarily focused on the ongoing presidential election petition case at the presidential election petition court in Abuja….CONTINUE READING

Although the 2023 presidential election is finished, the court is still debating how the poll was conducted and how it turned out.

As of Monday, May 8, there have been numerous sittings for the case. Many cross examinations have been conducted during court sessions in addition to the numerous evidences that have been presented to the court.

The most recent information from the court, though, is some of the written addresses from some of the legal counsel for various political parties and candidates who are currently in attendance.

Gbadebo Rhodes Vivor, a candidate for governor for the Labour Party in Lagos State, has asked Nigerians to continue praying for the judges overseeing the presidential election petition case.

He claims that some individuals mistakenly believe Lagos, Nigeria, to be Nigeria. He asserted that those individuals had not applied the lesson of Edo state…CONTINUE READING