See Drama as singer, Lojay’s father allegedly set to wed third wife, other wives disapprove

Lekan Osifeso, the father of singer, Lekan Osifeso better known as Lojay is set to tie the knot for a third time.

According to Kemi Ashefon’s blog, the prominent businessman and socialite is set to walk down the aisle again this year.

Insiders disclosed to the blog that the father of the singer has finalized all plans and arrangements to make his lover, Celicia Bolaji Dada, his third wife….CONTINUE READING

His soon-to-be third wife is the immediate past Commissioner for Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation in Lagos State.

Their relationship was based on love at first sight as the bride had gotten smitten by her husband’s handsome, sauce, and stylish personae. She stuck with him ever since their first meeting in 2019 and has been in a whirlwind relationship with him for years now.
Lojay’s dad set to wed

Detailing the wedding, the source claimed that the wedding would be a low-key affair and would be held outside of Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the businessman’s two wives aren’t in support of his new union. Kemi Ashefon claims that his first wife, who is the mother of Lojay, had gotten into shock over the union as she has a relationship with the bride-to-be, who she thought was just a close friend of her family.

The blogger disclosed that Bolaji was so involved in Osifeso’s family life that she always visited the family home.

His second wife on her part, is alleged to be livid and rage over the marriage, which she has plans of scattering.

Aishat, the first wife, is believed to harbor a strong disdain for her husband’s second wife, Tola Solomon, who has vowed to give back such energy to the new wife....CONTINUE READING