BREAKING: APC Chieftain Yusuf Sani told the court that Tinubu should let the judges decide based on the evidence in front of them.

APC Chieftain and former member of the Katsina State House of Assembly Yusuf Shehu has urged the judiciary hearing election petitions to retain objectivity and make decisions based purely on the information presented without bias….CONTINUE READING

Shehu vehemently disagreed with President Tinubu’s claim that the country would descend into anarchy and disorder if his election were declared invalid because he did not receive 25% of the vote in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, in an interview with THE SUN. He stressed the need of giving the courts the freedom to decide cases before the election tribunal on its own.

Shehu disagreed, saying that President Tinubu, who has been in politics for a while and upholds the values of justice, democracy, and the rule of law, shouldn’t have made such a remark.

“Obviously, I can’t agree with him (Tinubu) on that (the claims of disorder),” he remarked, “because for a man of his caliber, who has been in politics and believes so strongly in the rule of law, justice, and democracy, such a statement shouldn’t occur. He need to let the judges decide based on the evidence in front of them. I reject that notion and think the judiciary should have the freedom to determine the election tribunal on its own.

Shehu responded to claims that judges at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal are being pressured to rule in the ruling APC’s favor by saying he does not believe the rumors and still has faith in the legal system. He counseled the Judges to uphold moral principles, act honorably, and pay attention to the doctrine guiding their line of work….CONTINUE READING