BREAKING: Live Tribunal: Updates as Labour Party, Peter Obi adopt final written address

It’s time for the business of the day.

The Clerk has now called the case.

Peter Obi is now up with smiles all over: Respectfully my lord, I am Mr. Peter Obi for the petitioners

APC: With utmost humility my lord, I am Saturday Monsignia for the 2nd Respondent….CONTINUE READING

HE Peter Obi

Dr. Datti Baba-ahmed

Prof Chimamanda Adichie

Chief Akin Osuntokun

Barr. Julius Abure

Mr. Oseloka Obaze

and other notable LP stake holders are in court.

Dr. Livy Uzochukwu SAN is leading the legal team today

HE Peter Obi standing for the petitioners.

Court is filled to capacity

Lead Counsel to INEC, A.B Mahmoud SAN, announced his appearance alongside his learned colleagues

Chief Wale Olanipekun is announcing his appearance. With him, are other members of the outter and inner bar ( SANs and Non-SANS)

Time: 3:10pm

INEC’s lead counsel SAN AB Mahmoud is now up and he’s suggesting the petitioners start first.

SAN Livy: They filed before we did, so they have to go first.

Justice Tsammani: AB Mahmoud please let’s start.

SAN AB Mahmoud: Yes my lord, my colleague will take it up from here.

Another INEC lawyer stands up to continue.
INEC: My lord, the 1st respondent written address was filed 14th July 2023 and we also filed the reply of point of law on 28 July 2023
Before I go on I want to make a slight correction my lord. On the 3rd line of the reply of point of law there’s “have” and it should be “do not have”.

And after that I wish to adopt this my lord.

There’s now currently an adjustment on the 3rd line and the judges are looking through.

Steven Edehi SAN for INEC

Steven Edehi: The first respondent (INEC) objections on admissibility of documents in evidence was filed on 14th July, 2023. We also filed a reply on Points of law on the 28th of July, 2023. We adopt the content of the said Written Addresses. Continue Reading…

Court: (indicates there’s an error)
Steven Edehi:

We seek leave to correct that line (reads it) to read “which do not have”.

Court: Correction done

Steven Edehi: Thank you my Lord. I adopt the same processes as our argument before this honourable court, to sustain the objections.

Court: Chief Olanipekun
Olanipekun: My Learned brother Yusuf Ali will conduct the next proceedings

Tinubu and Shettima’s lawyers are now up.
SAN Olanipekun: My lord, my colleague will lead this proceeding for the 2nd respondent.

2nd respondent: We filed a response on 23rd July 2023. Upon receipt of the reply of the petitioners then it became pertinent to file our reply of point of law which we did on the 27 July 2023 and we seek that my lordships strike out these petitioners request.

Thank you my lord.

SAN Fagbemi is now up for APC

Fagbemi: We filed a reply on 23rd July 2023 and then we filed of point of law on receipt of the petitioners address and the point of law was filed on 27th of July and served on 28th of July.

We now seek to adopt this and reply on these due processes and we urge my able lords to reject and discountenance those petitioners documents. Very much obliged my lords.

Time: 3:20pm

SAN Livy is now up on his feet

SAN Livy: My lord, my learned colleague SAN Kalu will lead this case today.

SAN Kalu is now up on his feet

SAN Kalu: My lord the reply was filed against the 1st respondents on the 14th July and with humility I adopt these reply.

Justice Tsammani: Mention all your replies and adopt. You’re mixing the whole thing.
Let’s finish with the respondents objection and come to yours.

SAN Kalu: I am responding to the 1st respondent my lord

Justice Tsammani: Respond to all at once

SAN Kalu: My lord it’s division of Labour, my learned colleague here is to handle the 2nd and 3rd respondent.

Justice Tsammani: No, we can’t allow that, you have to do all at once.

Justice Ugo: I think your economics teacher was too thorough with division of Labour

SAN Kalu: 😅😅😅 My lord, we just want to do it how it would be easier but no problem.

Justice Tsammani: It’s even a coincidence, you’re from Abia State and my Economics Teacher in Maiduguri was also from Abia

SAN Kalu: Then my lord, you should be paying me tithes….CONTINUE READING