Possible things girls need from men

Women are hard to understand, and if you want to get along with them, you need to know what they really want from a man. Here’s what a woman needs from a man at each stage of her life.

1. Being Funny. I have never met a single person who I thought was very interesting….CONTINUE READING

2.Strength. Either physically or with a lot of energy. Both were perfect. Still, a lot of young women like “soft mammoths.”

3. Knowledgeable. Most young women I know are very interested in smart people. Also, if the person is really perfect but as stupid as a door handle, the younger women move quickly past them.

4. Being kind. In fact, a lot of young women are interested in pulls. Any way you look at it, they are masochists. favor someone who can be good to their mother and pups.

5. Smooth and Clean. That’s a sure thing. Nothing needs to smell really bad and make hairs grow out of your nose. If it doesn’t matter too much, don’t bother.

6. Being Reliable. Most young women are not interested in players. We were raised on stories where the king and queen lived happily together forever, not where he called his side as a child.

7. Boldness. I know that people are also dead. You get twinkles when you are scared or not sure what to do. Still, men who are brave are naturally attractive.

8. Being Tempting. A young woman thinks that the person must really like her. Some masochistic young women will sometimes take it as a test if they think someone is distant and cold. Even so, most young women will probably just be turned off. You can either get her to agree with you or make the relationship work….CONTINUE READING

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