BREAKING: Concerns raised over Asake’s song “Lonely at the Top” amidst Mohbad controversy

Amid the ongoing controversy surrounding Mohbad’s tragic death, a concerned fan has raised questions about the mental state of another artist, Asake, and called for an explanation regarding the meaning of his song “Lonely at the Top….CONTINUE READING

The music industry has been rocked by a series of videos, stories, and revelations related to the sudden loss of Mohbad. As these issues bring to light the challenges faced by artists, particularly those under record labels, this concerned fan has taken to social media to advocate for transparency and unity among artists who may be grappling with similar difficulties.

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In a heartfelt message shared on social media, the fan has urged artists facing tough situations with their record labels to break their silence and share their own experiences.

The fan has specifically directed this call to Asake, a rising star, and has expressed a desire for clarification regarding the meaning behind Asake’s popular track, “Lonely at the Top.” This call likely stems from a concern about the emotional and mental well-being of artists in the industry.

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In the fan’s words;

“At this point, everyone that’s being bullied by any record label should come out. Even Asake needs to come out and explain what ‘Lonely at the Top’ means at this point….CONTINUE READING