Main Reasons Why Your Stomach Gets Bigger

You must still be living in ancient times if you think having a potbelly is a sign of wealth or luxury. Nowadays, a big belly is not just seen as unattractive among men and women, it also has lots of health challenges especially if yours surrounds your organs (visceral fat). It is easy to accumulate belly fat, but getting rid of it can be very frustrating.

So if you’re among those people who are wondering why their belly is growing bigger and bigger, I’ll like to enlighten you about the possible causes in this article. According to Medicalnewstoday, the following are some of the causes of a big belly…..CONTINUE READING

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1. Poor diet

This comes first on my list. How can you want a small stomach when you eat junk foods every day without caution. It’s just impossible

Getting a well-trimmed stomach is not magical. You can’t be taking sugary drinks, canned fruit juice, soft drinks, carbohydrates like yam, rice, potatoes and processed foods excessively and expect to be fit

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2. Alcohol

This is another major cause of a big belly. Not only will drinking excessively cause health problems like liver diseases and inflammation, but it will also make your stomach grow bigger and bigger

3. Lack of exercise

Some people remain sedentary or stay in a place without moving their body or exercising after consuming lots of calories in foods and drinks. This will make you accumulate fat, especially around your belly

4. Stress/ poor sleep

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Overstressing yourself or not getting quality sleep can distort your body’s metabolism hence making you eat more than you should.

5. Genetics

Some persons have the genetic makeup of being fat or obese even if they eat healthily and avoid junk foods. Please speak to your doctor about the steps you can take to manage your weight

6. Smoking

Smoking leads to the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and other parts of the body……CONTINUE READING