JUST IN: How Soldiers Repelled Heavily Armed Bank Robbers in Ayingba

Troops from the Nigerian Army’s 12 Brigade bravely and gallantly stopped a planned bank heist in Ayingba, Kogi State<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>

It was stated that the military had neutralized five of the highly armed thieves.

The extraordinary event happened early on March 7, 2024, Thursday, when robbers tried to break into the town’s banks.

Witnesses claimed that more than a dozen armed robbers, equipped with highly advanced weaponry, assaulted the town with the goal of robbing the banks on a grand scale.
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As the bold criminals boldly made their way towards the banks, terrified members of the public, including a few police officers stationed at the banks, fled for their lives.

However, the quick reaction of the Nigerian Army’s 12 Brigade soldiers stationed nearby foiled their intentions.

The troops, under the leadership of officers prepared for combat, attacked the thieves in a violent gunfight, compelling them to flee and give up on their evil purpose.

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Five of the robbers were killed, two AK rifles were found, and three vehicles were found. The eyewitnesses, who were in awe of the troops’ bravery, described how, in spite of being outnumbered, the soldiers showed extraordinary courage and tactical prowess effectively neutralizing the threat posed by the criminals.

The thieves sustained heavy fatalities, and some of them are said to have fled with varying degrees of gunshot wounds, but there were no known injuries among the military.

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Ayingba’s grateful citizens conveyed their appreciation to the army for their prompt reaction and resolute action, which surely spared lives and stopped more mayhem in the town.

It was overheard that some of the locals were thanking the soldiers for their duty and devotion<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>