VIDEO: “Blood go flow that day” – Reactions as Nigerian lady returns home to find her baby’s head shaved bald

A heartbroken Nigerian lady shared a video, showing how she came home only to find her baby’s hair shaved completely<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>

The woman, identified as @onyii418 on TikTok, was shocked, revealing how her mum shaved the baby’s hair without consulting her or seeking her permission.

In the video, she displayed how her mum had used a razor to shave her baby’s hair so close to the scalp, making it look like a mirror.

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The video was captioned, “I came home and found that my mum had shaved my baby’s hair.”

Watch the video below:


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The clip has continued to elicit different reactions on social media. Some reactions are shown below:

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ShinetaE said, “Blood for flow that day.”

Itunuade05 said, “Na so my dad do for me too oh he pain.”

Omalicha56 said, “Omo they baby is pretty.”

Azamama69 said, “Mothers can never disappoint.”

Bigmommyisabella1 said, “Who win for the fight that day<<<READ FULL ARTICLE>>>