JUST IN: “How saying ‘sorry’ abroad almost got me in trouble” – UK-based Nigerian lady recounts, video stirs reactions

A UK-based Nigerian lady has narrated how saying ‘sorry’ for everything almost landed her in serious trouble.

The young known as progressoberiko narrated one of her experience of cultural shock she had experienced overseas.

She recounted how she had purchased a product which wasn’t sealed, but had to return it after she discovered she had another one at home....CONTINUE READING

When she returned it back to the shop and the receptionist was making some input on the computer, the Nigerian lady chipped in ‘I’m sorry for any inconveniences’.

She revealed that this gave the receptionist a pause and she inquired, severely, whether the Nigerian lady had honestly not used the product, and if she hasn’t, why then was she apologizing.

The Nigerian lady advises compatriots not to always reel out sorry every time as this tends to make it seem as if they’re guilty of something.
Check out netizens reactions to her narration…

@BAO noted: “I said sorry to a British friend that hurt his leg , and the way responded “ Sorry for what itz my fault not yours in a harsh way . I was like 😳”

@Progress Oberiko added: “As a Nigerian living in the UK, I’ve learned a whole lot when it comes to communication 😅”

@Hiqmah😊❤️ said: “Are you okay dey always vex me 🥺 you just saw me hurt lol but I don master them now”

@🧿SANDRA .O.🪬 weote: “They keep telling “it’s not your fault” they should learn our culture! Its part of inclusion. I say sorry till tomorrow.na dem sabi…..CONTINUE READING

@Ben emphasized: “u see Nigeria culture is good too some extent….

Watch video below…


As a Nigerian living in the UK, this was how saying sorry almost got me in trouble in the UK. Communication differs. People interpret things differently, and to communicate better, we have to understand other people’s connotations and interpretations. #nigerianintheuk #communication #britishculture #sayingsorry #britishvsnigeria #foryouu

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